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​​The PAMBULA Men's Shed is simply, Men Building a community in a shed.

The Pambula Men's Shed is for all Men & Veterans regardless of age.

Other than that, we make, create, repair and do many other things.

The things that are achieved within the Pambula men's shed depends upon the interests of all those who attend.

The PAMBULA Men's Shed is a place where men & veterans can awaken old skills, learn new skills, share skills, meet up with old mates and make new friends

In fact, if all you are able to do is just sit and listen to the conversations of the other blokes, there is a place for you at the Pambula Men's Shed.


  • Provide support to all men & veterans in need of help arising from PTSD, mental illness or other debilitating illnesses;


  • Provide an additional link between all primary health networks and the many men who have no regular contact with these networks;

  • Establish a place for men that enabled social interaction and activities to maintain the health and well being of those men;

  • Build a culture in the shed where all men are welcome and where mutual respect and trust are paramount.

  • Become a focal point in the community for the identification of men’s health issues and actions to resolve those issues.

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