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What activities can you do at the Pambula Men's Shed?



Woodwork, Metalwork, Gardening, Repairing things, Handicrafts, Training, Socialising, Mentoring, Men’s Health.



Woodwork Techniques, Making Things, Repairs, Woodturning, Making and painting toys Furniture

 Make In house furniture, Toys, Boatbuilding, Basic use of tools Outdoor furniture,  Metal Work, Basic Mechanics, Metal fabrication, Metalwork Welding, Gardening


BBQs, Billiards, Boche/ Cards, Chess group, Discussion group -topical issues General conversation.

Movie viewing, Fishing & Camping trips.


Older Men:

New Ideas, Group Outings/fishing trips Pool Social Gatherings and Outings TV and DVD Walking Group

Men's Health Information, Support and promote Men's health, Veterans.



Men's Health, Men's Health Information, Support and promote Men's health, Veterans.



Mentoring for kids, Older men with problems, Miscellaneous Environmental activism,

Let your imagination run free:



  • Based on ideas thrown up quickly by a group without critical assessment.

  • The aim is to be relevant but no idea is too silly.

  • Relies on suggestions triggering modifications or different ideas from other Brainstorming.


Rules for “Brainstorming”

  • Give an idea as a brief title without long description or expansion.

  • 60 to 120 seconds per suggestion.

  • No discussion at this time – it breaks up the flow & leads to sidetracks.

  • No criticism or “put-downs’ as this discourages further “offbeat” suggestions.


Discussion & Analysis of ideas:

  • Any experience relating to new ideas?

  • Experiences good & bad of existing activities

  • Should Sheds have one activity or a number of different ones?

  • Any other activities?

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